Valenfit – Bootcamp

Valenfit’s Bootcamps uses a training system inspired on the USA Marine corps training sessions, very good for get healthy, lose weight, with high intensity but fun at the same time. Workout circuits, with different materials or your own body, in which you will involve you low body area and your upper body, with dynamic strength exercises which provide you with great cardiovascular… Read more →

Bootcamp Valencia - Tu Rio Turia

Bootcamp Valencia – Group training

Bootcamp is an outdoor group military based training. Benefits such as weight loss, muscle toning, strength, background and guaranteed fun in the group. Go ahead, come and test a totally free session in Tu Río Turia. Timetable: Monday and Friday at 17:30h Wednesday at 19:00h Saturday at 10:00h. River area: Normally in the forecourt tamarindes, area near the yellow bridge,… Read more →


Ruth Cohen – Bootcamp

Outdoor physical activity using your own body weight and materials that we might have available in each session. Bootcamps have their beginnings in the physical training of the US Army; they would train with intensity and always include some activities that would require teamwork, creating a team connection that would bring out the best of each one. Timetable: Timetables will… Read more →

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