Salva Ortiz – Outdoor Taichí – Qi Gong – People development

Outdoor Taichí – Qi Gong Would you like to feel more relaxed? With better concentration, adaptability to changes, increased physical and postural balance and emotional well-being? Insomnia, back discomfort? Do you know that you can benefit your organs and bones, improve your breathing and your mind-body relieve stress? You can do a lot for you with these practices based on… Read more →

Manu Rodríguez – Tai Chi

Tai Chi (Taijiquan) is an internal martial art from China which is exercised by smooth and harmonious movements in combination with breathing and intention, allowing the development of active relaxation, mental concentration, coordination and development of conscious and deep breathing. It is linked with the Taoist Yin/Yang philosophy, and its therapeutic applications, aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In classes is also… Read more →

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