Hypopressive abdominals – Paula Vendrell

ACTIVITY: Hypopressive abdominals.

TEACHER: Paula Vendrell. (matron)

SCHEDULE: Tuesday from 11: 30h. – 12:30 h. (It could be taught in the afternoon, minimum 5)
people; Consult)

RIVER AREA: Peineta Bridge. (in the direction of the head park)

CONTACT: 652043396

Email: tu.matrona.paula@gmail.com

ACTIVITY: Hypopressive abdominal gymnastics is a technique that strengthens the
Perine musculature and reposition the viscera of the simultaneous area.
– Postpartum waist reduction.
– In case of incontinence of urine, gas or feces.
– To tone the abdomen and define waist.
– To improve body posture.
– Prevention of hernias. (inguinal, abdominal …)
– Prevents joint and muscle injuries.
– Provides light lumbo-pelvic protection.
– Before the menopause to tone up the muscles.


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